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Help Stop Labor Law “Reform” in Mexico!

Posted by CETLAC-FAT-Monterrey en abril 13, 2011

Robin Alexander.  April 10, 2011

Labor rights are under attack both in the United States and in Mexico. And workers and our allies are fighting back in both countries.

Last month, more than 50,000 trade unionists and their community allies around the world took action for change in Mexico during the Global Days of Action.

This was the largest and most coordinated effort in support of independent trade unions in Mexico I have been involved in. Four Global Union Federations — IMF, ICEM, ITF and UNI – issued the call and the newly formed Tri-National Solidarity Alliance of unions in Mexico, the US and Canada undertook the challenge of organizing protest events here.

In the US there were demonstrations or delegations in at least 13 cities (Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, New Orleans, New York, Portland, Raleigh, San Francisco, Tucson, Washington DC), in four cities in Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Montreal), and in Mexico there were 27 different actions following the massive demonstration on January 31st. In all, workers and their community allies in 40 countries on five continents strongly denounced the attack on independent trade unions in Mexico.
Labourstart Alert

It was a really impressive and wonderful show of solidarity, but we can’t stop now!

We have just learned that in Mexico legislation has just been introduced that will strip Mexican workers of their rights. Please Send a message Opposing Labor Law Reform in Mexico!

UE Director of Organization Bob Kingsley participates in AFL-CIO demonstration at the Mexican Embassy in Washington DC

USLEAP has launched an action alert. Please click here, scroll to the bottom of the page and send your message off now!

Government pushing for regressive labour law reforms in Mexico

The reforms, amongst other things, encourage even more precarious work arrangements, uphold the use of “protection contracts” and enable further weakening of unions and denial of legal entitlements through the use of outsourcing, subcontracting, temporary and conditional contracts for young workers.

Read more about the proposed reforms on the IMF Website

Read a critique of the reforms by Mexican labour lawyer Arturo Alcalde.



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